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The old saying is 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Today's pictures include videos, animations, augmented realities, and virtual realities. These pictures are used to tell a story and share information about a product or a service.
We call this video marketing and this content is currently the most viewed and in-demand form of marketing content, producing the highest percentage of return on investment (ROI). Video content helps to tell your brand's story, educate your viewers about new products or services, or showcase your facility to build awareness about your capabilities. Information received via videos and animations stick in a viewer's mind and brings you new customers, partners, and potential employees.

Numbers do not lie. Among all media, video content is the most effective. Video marketing campaigns are getting 66% more qualified leads than other types of marketing, and marketers are seeing 64% of consumers make a purchase when a video is displayed on their homepage.

We want to share with you two main groups of video marketing content with several examples.
Interesting and engaging video content is an effective method to accelerate your sales. It gives you the opportunity to pitch your product in any situation and it works for you even while you and your sales team are asleep.

You can bring your audience on a tour of your facility, show them the processes, and capabilities, related to the products you manufacture. Video footage is a compelling way to bring people to your side and make that personal connection with your audience. It allows you to build trust and create long-term relationships.

If you are a new company looking to create content to let others know just what you are about, video is the perfect way to introduce yourself. Videos and animations can quickly build brand awareness and bring your company the attention you need to thrive. With the help of professionally designed product demonstrations (video or animation), you can describe your product or technology benefits in a simple way, sparking interest from the industry and leading to fruitful partnerships.

By sharing the stories, generous contributions, and impact the founders, managers, and employees of companies with press and public, the image we have right now can be changed leading to higher support during downturns.

Company videos are a great way to convey messages not just externally, but also within your company. Videos can convey safety instructions or highlight the benefits of working for your company, motivating teams to reach higher results. Such videos can be used to introduce a new employee to the ins and outs of your company and operations, making people proud to be a part of the team and building loyalty from the get-go.

Using video to keep your employees updated on new events and changes in the company is also a great idea. Employees like to be in the loop, and this is a quick, easy way to do just that.

Sharing results of the quarter with shareholders and board members, with the help of videos and animations, will leave a lasting impression and can highlight even more achievements reached during the reporting period of time.


The wonderful thing about video content is that you can choose when and where to showcase your material, even to whom. Your website, YouTube, and LinkedIn, are some good places to start for mass distribution and outreach.

If your video is intended for a more direct audience, you have options like flash drives, video brochures, and PowerPoint presentations.

You may showcase informational product videos at many events, like trade shows or company meetings. Face-to-face meetings with a client can also be a great place to showcase something new with your company (even during a happy hour meetup). A quick 30-second video can be a great introduction.

Video marketing can be used anyplace, anytime. Find what works best for your audience and align that with your marketing strategy. You will be shocked by the results.


Do not unleash your new product onto the market without a well-crafted video or animation. You want your clients to see what you have to offer and how it can solve their challenges. By releasing a product launch video, or a virtual product demo, you will be able to acquire market influencers attention so needed to move your product or technology further.

Once your product leaves your facility or warehouse, you want the end users to have an intimate understanding of how to assemble or use your product to ensure efficiency and safety. You can make this process seamless and frustration free by offering high quality, easy to understand product manual or assembly videos to the end user on any device.

Another important part of your client's company is safety. You want your employees, contractors, and customers to be safe while operating your product or visiting your facility. The best way to convey this information is through safety video production. Let us take care of this important task which will help you to ensure that safety aspects will be understood by your close ones.

Many industries, including the oil and gas industry, have safety concerns. Now you can highlight the pertinent issues in an easily digestible way in order to keep your employees safe and improve your KPIs. Safety videos are a viable option for this very purpose.


Internal videos may not be something you already possess for your company. Depending on your company's stage of development, you want to consider having instructional or informative content for your company. Whether it is training related, or an introduction to what your company does, video content is a great way to connect with your employees. Video is the most effective means of communicating ideas and instructions in a concise manner.

People want to know who they are in business with – customers want to be a part of your vision and understand your company values. By releasing a video detailing these facts you can bring potential clients to you. Brand stories can be used in many applications, whether it be obtaining new clients, translating your company's vision to leads or even bringing in new team members. Have the right tools to move your company forward.

Maybe you are about to launch a new product or maybe you are orchestrating a grand opening for your company. Possibly you are unleashing a new division or branch. Having a video to capture these integral events is very important for your business. Having documentation of your company's achievements, celebrations and events can be used in endless applications as your company grows.

Break into the national or international market with high-quality TV commercials. Reach a large, diverse audience with creative, memorable commercials targeted at your highest potential audience. Allow your company to stand out with this proven marketing staple.

These are just a few of the many options when doing video marketing. As you get more experienced with this, you can also look into doing vlogs, interviews, live streams, customer reviews and testimonials, and more. Video content is one of the best marketing investments you can make to share the message you want with your audience. Give us a call to make the first step.

THE POWER OF ANIMATION & VIDEO PRODUCTION MARKETING Video marketing is the most in-demand form of marketing available. It's being used both internally and externally by companies and industries across the globe. With so many different types of videos and animation being shared on social media channels, it's impossible for your business to not get noticed.
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